Leadership Greeting

Paul Miller
National Evangelist


The group of leather-clad bikers sits around the table, warming themselves over hot cups of coffee after a chilly ride. The door swings open and in walks a few more ruddy bikers. These new arrivals are wearing the familiar Back Patch of the Christian Motorcyclists Association. The atmosphere in the room is instantly changed as the two groups of bikers exchange joyous hellos and welcome hugs. The laughter and camaraderie attracts the attention of the other patrons of the coffee shop as the

bikers spend time in fellowship before riding off.

I’ve seen this scene played out time and time again in my travels across the country. I’ve noted similar reactions at rallies, bike shows, and other motorcycle events. I’ve seen it happen on smaller, more intimate scales. A most incredible door is being opened to the CMA. God is giving us a remarkable opportunity and it is all based on “TRUST.”
The All Nations dictionary defines trust this way: trust: [n.] Firm reliance; confident belief; faith. 2. Responsibility 3. Care; custody 4. Something entrusted to somebody to be cared for in the interest of another. Trust [v.] 1. To have faith in; to believe in the honesty and worth of. 2. To hope.
We are earning the right to speak because we are trustworthy. In every sense of these dictionary definitions we are being trusted.
There are rallies whose very existence depends on our involvement because at one time they were in jeopardy of shutting down. CMA offered a solution and they relied on us to make it happen. “TRUST”
Prison doors are swinging wide for CMA ministry because prison officials have faith in us. “TRUST.” The people in those prisons are coming to Christ because they are learning to have confidence in CMA. “TRUST.”
Rally organizers are pleased to hand over their food service to CMA because they know that they will get a quality product from dependable people. “TRUST.”
Organizers of several events have made requests to CMA to have our members be treasurers for their event, look after registration, or man their booth, because they know these things will be safe in our care. “TRUST.”
Every year at motorcycle events across the country, dozens of children are entrusted to our care through CMA children’s ministry. “TRUST.”
Some of our chapters are consistently called upon to organize and run bike games at events because people know that the games will be fun, safe and fair. “TRUST.”
Then there are the ever-occurring instances when people come to a point of crisis in their life (through some sad set of circumstances) and they pick up the phone and call that CMAer they met last summer, and for some reason kept their business card. They call because they know they’ll be treated with respect and dignity. More-over, they’ve seen something in us that causes them to hope that we have an answer. “TRUST.” These are only a few of the areas in which CMA is gaining “TRUST.” I’ve seen this trust grow considerably over the past few years and I am proud to be part of such a fine group of men and women. As Christians, we already know that the Back Patch of CMA is really just a symbol that represents Christ. We are truly only Christ’s ambassadors and therefore, when people place their “TRUST” in us, they are really trusting Christ. (2 Corinthians 5:20)

Proverbs 22:1 tells us that A good name is more desirable than great riches; to be esteemed is better than silver or gold. CMA is building a good name. A name that can be “TRUSTED.” A name that is opening doors for the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Be ever aware of the responsibility that goes with carrying that name my friends. Our heavenly Father is “TRUSTING” us too.

Paul Miller

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