Leadership Greeting

Graham Stephens
C.M.A. Ireland National President

C.M.A. at work in Ireland

Ireland is made up of Thirty-two Counties. Twenty-Six Counties are in the Republic of Ireland & Six are in Northern Ireland. Northern Ireland is part of the United Kingdom, But the Republic of Ireland is its own Country.

C.M.A. has held a presence in Ireland as a whole Island for approximately twenty years. In 2006 C.M.A. Ireland, the Republic of Ireland, became part of C.M.A. International as prior to this date we were under C.M.A. United Kingdom. At Present there are twenty-two Members in Three of the Twenty-six Counties.
Since 2006 God has brought C.M.A. Ireland from being a Christian Riding club to a Biker Ministry. We have always asked God to open the door to where He wanted us to go. He has opened doors through which we were received with open arms, and He also opened doors which we didn't really want opened at all!

We are a country steeped in Motorcycle Road Racing. All around this Island North & South from April through to September, public roads are closed and races take place. C.M.A. also help out at Rallies, Bike Shows and take a Sunday Service or two when asked.
God it truly using the willing members as He see's fit, and we are truly thankful.

Please Pray for Us as we seek Him for the coming Year. God Bless You all.

Graham Stephens

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