South Africa

Leadership Greeting


Welcome to the Christian Motorcyclists Association South Africa website!

I consider motorcycles the best form of transportation ever invented... The world has had to wait for centuries for motorcycles to be made. This is all part of God's great plan. The people that ride motorcycles are our kind of people. We use our bikes for fun, off-road, adventure riding, rallies, racing, track schools, stunt riding and whatever use...

The main purpose however is -"Riding for the Son". Riding for the Son is a way we believe we can use the wonderful things called motorcycles to impact our world for Jesus Christ! Our bikes are the tools we use to live out our faith in an ever changing world. Jesus Christ (Hebrews 13:8) is the ONE constant in this world; He is our God, our Saviour and Constant Friend.

Our field of operation includes the hustle and bustle of the cities of South Africa and spreads to the vast open plains, mountain ranges and bush.

Riding for the Son is an adventure of a lifetime!

Enjoy checking the website; come ride with us...

Rene R Changuion

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